Freshney Periodic table is Periodic Table that have more feature, more information and would be a tremendous resource to any chemistry student. 
Studying Periodic Systems now no longer difficult with the existence of the Periodic Table software applications from .This Applications is free of charge so you can download without limitation. In the application also contained a map of area spread of atomic elements, biography inventor or researcher, and the complete image for each chemical element.  Use of this software only for educational needs only. Is expected that students and educators who pursue chemistry can easily learn and develop the chemistry for life.
Detailed information on each element, its isotopes, allotropes, compounds and images (over 300 in total)
Information on each elements reactions with water, air, halogens and acids
Glossary of terms
Graphs of important element properties and trends
Biographies for the important scientists and element discoverers
View the states of the elements at any temperature (from 0 - 6000k)
Electron shell diagrams of each element (including orbital images)
Atomic width diagram
Toolbox, 330 physical constants and over 6400 formulae
Powerful and comprehensive searching

License / Price : Freeware
Size: 20.5 Mb

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