Free Secure Uninstaler 3.0

license/price : Freeware
size             : 5.5 Mb
Did you know that when you install an application, numerous files and entries are created and distributed all over your PC? Before you know it, your computer is one massively heavy, bloated system filled with completely unnecessary – and potentially unsafe – files.

So the next time you think it's OK to allow unused programs to use your computer as their 'permanent home'... consider the following problems.

  • Your PC will slow down.
    Because unneeded software is occupying valuable disk space.
  • Your PC will be prone to errors.
    When you install a program, numerous entries are created all over the Windows® registry. If any of these entries get damaged or corrupted, other applications will be harmed and PC error messages will pop up all over the place.
  • You will not be able to upgrade software easily.
    When you update to a new version of a program, it first tries to uninstall the version currently installed on your PC. If this un-installation is unsuccessful, you will not be able to upgrade to newer versions of that product.
  • Your PC is being drained of important resources.
    Even though you may not think you are using certain programs, they may be working in the background and hogging important system resources such as memory resources, network resources, and others.
  • Your system will be open to security threats.
    Some applications – especially the ones that are hard to uninstall! – embed malicious codes that serve to open your system to hack attacks. Others put codes that tend to spy on what you're doing, making you vulnerable to identity theft.

To prevent all the above problems, you should be sure to clean your PC and get rid of every piece of software that you do not use.Uninstall Unused, Damaged and Unwanted Programs Instantly!Completely Remove Any Software with SecureUninstaller™

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