Download Zenok Free Antivirus 2011 1.0.9

license/price : non commercial freeware / free 
size             : 35.9 Mb

ZenOK Free antivirus blocks viruses, spyware, trojans, worms, bots and root-kits. It prevents web attacks and protect your identity with professional antivirus suite for Free. Protect your identity against phishing websites and safeguard your system with the ZenOK Realtime detection algorithm. Prevent web attacks that exploit software vulnerabilities and hackers. Stop zero day viruses and unknown threats detected by malicious behavior using leapfrog heuristics technology.ZenOK scans real time internet, e-mail, instant messengers, (WIFI-)Networks and new files. ZenOK works with virtual keyboards and is automatically game safe to make sure you’re well protected.

Note: You will be asked to create a free account when first running the program.

Here are some key features of "ZenOK Free Antivirus 2011":

· The best way to protect your information. With nothing more to install.
· Imagine being able to protect your data against computer theft, accidental deletion, viruses, computer crash until $10.000. Be covered with just ZenOK.
· System Check. Its free. For the health of your PC.
· ZenOK is the dashboard of your computer. High temperatures and performance are monitored. Make sure your computer performs well with ZenOK.
· Online Backup. Your hard drive on the web.
· Automatically save important files in real time to a secure online storage. Reach them anywhere via the secure ZenOK Website.
· Antivirus protection. Its free.No more malware.
· You can download, open, work and share files with friends, family, colleagues and even strangers with absolute peace of mind.

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